Video: The New Frontier
Placing YouTube videos on your website is a great way to increase visitors and promote your products and services.

Voice-over videos showcase your business like nothing else can. They engage the viewer and quickly inform Evergreen and Conifer residents why they should consider buying from your business. Videos are a great way to get people to visit —and revisit— your website. Be sure and tell people about your video in all your other advertising.

"Check out our new video on our website!"

Video Creation Process
We can create engaging videos using still photographs, moving video - or a combination of both. We can come to your location and film your work crews or business. After we have the raw footage, we'll write the script and email it to you for your approval. After you approve the script, we'll create the video and send you the YouTube embed code which you can give to your web developer who can then upload it to your website.

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Video Production
Take your website to the next level with Voice-Over Videos. Nothing will showcase your business better than photographs and nothing showcases photographs better than a video.

PRICE $150
Add $50 for Voice-Over if desired.
Videos without voice-overs will feature Title Slides.
Includes Voice-Over
Includes Voice-Over
RUN TIME Approximately 1 Minute
Approximately 2 Minutes
Approximately 2 - 3 Minutes
DESIGN HOURS Up to 3 Design Hours.
No changes after initial consultation.
Up to 6 Design Hours.
Minor changes allowed after initial conultation.
Up to 10 Design Hours.
Unlimited changes allowed throughout creation process.

We strive to keep videos one to three minutes long and like to keep things moving quickly with voice-overs, background music, title slides, graphics and transitions. Nobody wants to watch a 10 minute video online. The key to keeping your audience is to be quick, informative and professional.


If you are wanting, and expecting, a video that will blow you away - order the Gold Package. Video production takes time - and creating TV production quality takes lots of time. The Gold Package includes up to 10 Design Hours but, with the Gold Package, we basically throw time out the window and don't pay attention to the clock. Our main focus is delivering an awesome experience. You want high-end? Go for the Gold.

That being said, don't think for a second that the Bronze and Silver packages aren't worth buying. We don't create anything that's second-rate. It's just that the more time we have to work on something — the more awesome it will be. Basically — the differences in the Video Packages are Run time and Design Hours. Expect to be impressed regardless of the package you select.

It doesn't take a lot of work on your part. First, we'll have a phone conversation, discuss your objectives and see what photographs and video (if any) you have available. We'll instruct you how to send us your materials and get busy writing a voice-over script. (If Voice-Over is requested) This voice-over can be male or female - that's your decision. After you approve the script, and we receive your materials, we'll start creating your video while staying within the Design Hours included within your Video Package. After your video has been created, we'll send the YouTube embed code directly to your web developer or upload it to your website if you are hosting your website with

We strive to keep videos one to two minutes long and like to keep things moving quickly with voice-overs, background music and graphics. Nobody wants to watch a 10 minute video online. The trick is to be quick, informative and professional.