Direct Mail Postcards Work!
Postcards are the ultimate direct marketing promotion. You can target residents or business owners and, unlike other advertising methods, you know for an absolute fact that they are receiving your promotion. Designing effective marketing pieces is a collaborative effort between the designer and the business owner.

Read testimonials from local business owners who have ordered and re-ordered Dreamprints postcards. After reading their comments, I'm sure you'll quickly be imagining what your own postcards would say.

Graphic Design Professionals
Anybody with a cheap software program and a computer can throw together a quick flyer. But there's a reason that smart business people hire professional graphic designers. We know how to tailor your message to stand out in the crowd and make sure you get noticed. Graphic design is a small percentage of the overall marketing costs so don't sabatoge your efforts with sub-par design.

If you're interested in learning more about marketing your business with direct-mail postcards — send us an email or call 303-670-9000.

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SIZE 500 1000 2500 5000 10,000 20,000 DESIGN FEES
4 X 6 $90 $110 $150 $220 $320 $550 $250 4 DESIGN HOURS
4.25 X 6 $85 $140 $185 $260 $385 $580 $250 4 DESIGN HOURS
4 X 9 $120 $145 $190 $250 $420 $700 $250 4 DESIGN HOURS
5 X 7 $135 $155 $220 $290 $420 $730 $250 4 DESIGN HOURS
5.5 X 8.5 $155 $190 $325 $425 $735 $1060 $375 6 DESIGN HOURS
6 X 9 $175 $220 $350 $455 $765 $1180 $375 6 DESIGN HOURS
6 X 11 $215 $260 $400 $475 $815 $1370 $400 7 DESIGN HOURS


SIZE 1000 2500 5000 10,000 15,000 20,000 DESIGN FEES
4.25 X 11
Includes Die Cut
$175 $300 $420 $710 $980 $1275 $250 4 DESIGN HOURS
4.25 X 14
Includes Die Cut
$290 $410 $655 $990 $1410 $1820 $250 4 DESIGN HOURS
  • Listed prices do not include shipping and design fees. Add $100 to pricing if submitting pre-designed files. Submitted files must be print-ready to exacting specs or will incur setup fees. Contact us for file specs.
  • Design Fees include Unlimited Revisions up to included Design Hours.
  • Prices include Full-color on 2 sides and 16 PT high-gloss card stock. The finest postcard stock available.
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Design Samples
Click the red tabs to view postard designs applicable to your business. Click front and back arrows to cycle through each slide show. Listen to Marketing Tips by clicking the audio tracks in the Intro Tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Postcard creation is a collabrative effort between the designer and business owner. We'll schedule a design consultation with you to discuss your postcard marketing project. This can be in person or over the phone. We will then email you postcard proofs for you to review and you can call or email us with your revisions.

Postcard printing costs will vary with quantities and size. Click here for pricing information.

Bulk mailing postcards cost much less than first class postage. If you are mailing to Evergreen Carrier Routes, it will cost 14.1¢ per postcard. If mailing to a Carrier Route outside of Evergreen (Genesee, Conifer etc) it will cost 14.5¢ per postcard. If you are mailing to a mailing list, the cost will be 28.1¢ per postcard. Call us at 303-670-9000 for additional information or click here.

Depending upon the complexity of the project and our current workflow, the design phase typically takes 2 - 3 business days. But, if you are in a real hurry — we can even complete postcard projects on the same day. If you are ordering an on-site Photo Shoot at the same time it may take a day or two longer. After the postcard has been created and approved — printing takes an additional 3 business days on average.

We can teach you everything you need to know about Bulk Mailing. We can even do the entire mailing for you. Click here learn everything you need to know and download USPS forms.

Postcard Sizes
This graphic illustrates the most popular postcard sizes in exact relation to one another. The larger sizes give you more room to promote your business and also attract more attention. Postage costs are the exact same for all postcard sizes, therefore, we usually recommend the larger size.

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Direct Mail: Marketing Success
Direct Mail is a proven, cost-effective way to promote your business. For best results, pick a couple Carrier Routes from the mountain routes listed below and commit to mailing to them every single month. You could mail to the same carrier route every single month for around $60. Now that is a marketing plan you can stick with. Imagine how well known you will become when local residents receive your postcards every single month. After a couple months, pick a few additional Carrier Routes and alternate between them. We've taught this method to many local business owners and the fact that they continue to use it is testament to it's success.

Send Postcards to Evergreen
Evergreen Carrier Routes are itemized in the table on the right. Pick a few routes, order your postcards and you've just created a great marketing program.

  • No Mailing List or Labels Required
  • Use our Mailing Permit for Free ($185 value)
  • Mail to Evergreen Routes for 14.6¢

Send Postcards to City & Mtn Routes
The US Postal Service has just launched a brand new program called, Every Door Direct Mail. This new program enables us to zero in on exact streets and neighborhoods. In the past, we had to purchase a mailing list and pay double the postage to mail to these areas.

  • No Mailing List or Labels Required
  • Mail to City Routes for 14.5¢
  • Mail to Conifer, Bailey & Genesee for 14.5¢
  • Mountain Carrier Routes are listed in the table on the right side of this page
  • If mailing to a labeled list - postage will be 28.1¢ each.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We have over 18 years experience with Bulk Mail and we'll be happy to help you in any way that we can. You can reach us at: 303-670-9000 or send us an email.

Read testimonials from local business owners.

1 424 Hiwan
2 614 Hwy 73, Cragmont, Marshmerry
3 558 Hiwan Hills
4 428 Buffalo Park, Greenwoods
6 549 Bear Mountain
7 517 Echo Hills, Witter Gulch
8 476 North Turkey Creek
9 394 Blue Crk, EV Meadows
10 438 Floyd Hill
11 456 Kerr Gulch, Soda Crk, Hwy 40
12 439 Evergreen Meadows
13 384 Soda Crk, Old Squaw Pass
14 547 El Pinal, Senior Center
15 502 The Ridge at Hiwan
17 434 EV Parkway Businesses
18 504 Brook Forest
19 513 Brook Forest, Silver Spruce
20 427 Buffalo Prk, 3 Sisters, Troutdale
23 400 Stagecoach, Tanoa, Greystone
24 450 Hiwan, The Island, Bergen Valley
TOTAL 9454 + PO BOXES: 2482

3 406 Mt Vernon, Rainbow Hills
5 503 Paradise Hills, Lookout Mtn
8 418 Genesee Homes
10 383 Cody Park, Lookout Mtn
12 446 Genesee Homes
13 412 Riva Chase, Genesee Homes
17 533 Chimney Crk, Businesses
18 495 Pondview, Genesee Homes

1 536 Kings Valley, Hwy 285
2 534 Shadow Mtn, Black Mtn
3 552 Pleasant Prk, Oehlman Prk
4 543 Conifer Mtn, Belle Meade
6 416 Hwy 73, Hwy 285
7 484 Apache Springs, Hwy 285
HWY 37 Hwy Contract 73
TOTAL 3102 + PO BOXES: 1146



We can get Carrier Route information and Mailing Lists for any area or demographic. Contact us for more information.

We can show you how to prepare your mailing — free of charge — or we'll be happy to do it for you for a nominal fee.


Testimonials From Dreamprints Clients
We have been providing web and graphic design services to the mountain community for over 12 years. Thank you to all of our customers who have made our business a success! Here are testimonials from a few of our clients.

“We are always so pleased with the extraordinary job that Len does for us. He has an incredible creative eye for putting all of our projects together. We appreciate the terrific professional service.”

Bits & Pieces Boutique
“Dreamprints postcards are our primary source of marketing and we get a great return on investment. I wholeheartedly recommend Len Brewer and Dreamprints.”

Evergreen Roofing Company

“We’ve been in Evergreen for over twenty years and we basically built our entire business using Dreamprints postcards. It’s the best advertising we’ve ever done!”

XL Carpet Care