Online Marketing
It's no secret that the Google search engine has dominated the internet. It's used by tens of millions of people every day and it's popularity is skyrocketing. When was the last time you used the Evergreen / Conifer phone book to locate a business? Direct mail postcards are a great way to reach local residents and build brand recognition, but what about people who are searching for — an exact product or service— right now?

Google Adwords
The text ads that appear at the top and to the right of Google search results are known as Adwords. These paid listings are the best way to ensure that your business appears on page one of the Google search results.

We can create an Adwords Campaign for you. We'll help you set a daily/weekly budget, write the text ads and monitor the results. You can start and stop your Google Adwords campaign at anytime and you have complete control of how much you are willing to spend.

Read: Frequently Asked Questions


$100 Setup, $60 per hour

  • Free Instant Credit : $100
    Each new account receives $100 in instant Google Adword credits to to use on your first campaign. So basically, this credit will cover your entire set-up fee. (New Adwords users only)
  • Start and stop at anytime - no contracts - no hidden charges
  • One-Hour Phone Consultation
  • Research competitors, research effective keywords & negative keywords
  • Write descriptive text ads and test them against each other for optimum click rates
  • Set Campaign Parameters, such as: When to display, not to display, geographic targeting, negative keywords, daily budgets
  • Launch campaign with approved text ad(s)
  • Monitor daily clicks, send weekly reports
  • Monthly phone consultation to review results and adjust text ads accordingly

SEO Scams
Every business owner wants their business to appear on the first page of Google — for free. Problem is — with millions of businesses on the internet — that's an unrealistic goal. There are ways to improve your search ranking 'over time' but there is no quick fix. Beware of companies that promise; "Top Ten Rankings Guaranteed!", or, "Google Search: Page One!" If these Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies actually delivered they would be worth way more than what they charge, and they charge plenty. In our opinion, their service is basically worthless.

Yes, they can get your business moved from page 32 to page 9. But have you ever clicked on page 9? Nobody else does either. We've had clients over the years who've tried these companies and all they've received was broken promises and frustraton. But, these SEO companies don't really care. They just move onto the next company. (AKA: victim) You've probably received the Telemarketing Robo Calls claiming to help you with Google search results. Take our advice — don't waste your money or your time.


Costs for Google Text Ads will vary with keyword competition at any particular moment. These can fluctuate depending upon the time of year, such as right before Christmas. There are no minimum budgets to advertise with Google Adwords - and you can start and stop your ads from running at anytime. You can spend as little or as much as you want. We will handle the entire process for you but you will have full access to see the data behind your Google Adwords campaign.

If you tell us what business you are in - we can tell you approximately what your Keywords are currently priced at.


Google only charges you when someone actually clicks on your text ad and goes to your website. You are not charged for impressions. Impressions are when your ad is displayed on the Google search results but is not clicked upon.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are processes that us web designers use to improve your website rankings within the Google free results area. These include keyword density, all-important page titles, meta-tags, paragraph word-smithing, relevant content as related to a potential search query.

We can review your site and suggest improvements to improve your search rankings.

Quick Tip: Avoid using Flash. Search engines can't index Flash pages and they are also invisible to over 300 million iOS devices. (iPhones & iPads)

No. Their are no contracts to sign and you can start and stop at anytime. You can even put an Adwords Campaign on hold and start it up again whenever you choose.

Negative Keywords are words that we add to Adword Campaigns that prevent your text ads from being displayed.


If you had a 'deck building' business in Genesee, but did not offer 'deck refinishing', we would add the negative keyword: 'refinishing'.

This would prevent your ad from being displayed whenever someone searched for:
'genesee deck refinishing'

This would save you clicks, and money, since that person is not looking for your service.

Yes, if you want to do the keyword research, wite the text ads, research your competition, learn the complexities of the Adwords interface and have the time to monitor the results and adjust accordingly. We're not trying to discourage you from doing it yourself , but a lot of business owners don't have the time or training to successfully manage an Adwords Campaign.